A nation in step with itself

Indlulamithi’s Nayi le Walk scenario envisions a South Africa where growing social cohesion, economic expansion, and a renewed spirit of constitutionalism get the nation going.

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Economic modelling of Nayi le Walk

Under Nayi le Walk, economic growth is more solid and predictable. GDP growth averages 4.5% to 2030. And the unemployment rate is reduced by about 1% per year, reaching 16% in 2030.

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Key features of Nayi le Walk

These are some of the specific characteristics South Africa experiences in ‘a nation in step with itself’ scenario.

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Various social compacts, civil society initiatives and new programmes connect people and social and political processes.

Early childhood development programmes and the first six years of education are better resourced. This and the promotion of civic values in school starts to pay off.

TVET colleges are overhauled and produce many more artisans while university education is made more affordable.

More young people pursue livelihoods independent of government and big corporations.

Better recruiting, training and support create a more capable and productive public service – and this increases public trust in key societal institutions.

Faster urban and rural land redistribution, and better support for emerging farmers, boost agricultural production, food security and urban integration.