Scenarios for South Africa

The name “Indlulamithi or Indlulamthi” means Giraffe in Nguni languages. The significance of the giraffe to this project is its ability to look above the trees, which is also a direct translation of the word Indlulamithi. The motivation for the name goes as far back as 15th century when the Emperor of the Malindi Kingdom gave the Emperor of China a Giraffe as a gift. When asked, “Why the Giraffe?” the Sultan responded to say that in his Kingdom, the Giraffe is seen as a protector due to its ability to see beyond human limitations. Motivated by this story and the need to look beyond the horizon, the project was named Indlulamithi.

How Indlulamithi started

The project was established in 2017 against the backdrop of national scale challenges. Various members of society were having independent discussions on the need to have a deeper understanding of the country’s trajectory, its unique challenges and opportunities. It was out of these conversations that a collective emerged to establish the Indlulmithi SA Scenarios 2030. Through the guidance of these stakeholders representing Government, Labour, Business and Civil Society, the project which was supported by a robust research process was able to produce three scenarios that could assist South Africans to start thinking about the possibilities that could become reality. Since the launch of the scenarios on 21 June 2018,  the team leading and supporting the project has also established a provincial and national barometer which tracks various metrics and trends of the scenario path we are most likely on. Going forward the project hopes to use the scenarios as a tool to inform the many conversations we need to have as a country with the hopes that these can culminate into a national conversation.

The Indlulamithi Trust

The Indlulamithi South Africa Scenarios 2030 Trust has been established to promote the objectives of the project, mobilise funding and administer funding received. The Trust is registered as a public benefit and a non-profit organisation. As such, it is managed in an altruistic spirit and does not generate any profits.

Evolution of Indlulamithi

Despite great progress over the last two decades, South Africa still battles crises of inadequate economic growth, unemployment, sharp inequalities, low levels of fixed investment and frail social capital.

Indlulamithi South Africa Scenarios 2030 is on a quest to inspire communities, institutions and individuals to influence change. Our purpose is to help them make informed, long-term decisions and to trigger strategic action. The growth of Indlulamithi has been organic and has gone far and beyond scenario development to encompass other pillars necessary and pertinent to its growth and progression. These other pillars are the monitoring, tracking, modelling and evaluation tools; and a framework for Social Compacting. Therefore, Indlulamithi has entrenched the principle of co-creation as a principle that undergirds its work and its approach across its pillars. We do this by using scenarios to:

Building and engaging with scenarios enhances strategic thinking, builds long-term vision, and awakens a shared sense of commitment to this vision among participants.

Scenarios gather intelligence on possible long-term developments and future risks, and asses how these may interact with policies currently under consideration.

Scenarios bring together people from different sectors and institutions in a joint process of shaping the future. This creates collective understanding of the challenges and opportunities decision makers are likely to confront.

Scenario Development

The scenario development and research pillar of Indlulamithi is undertaken by our partner MISTRA.

Monitoring, Tracking, Modelling and Evaluation

The monitoring, tracking, modelling and tracking pillar of Indlulamithi is undertaken by Social Surveys Africa and ADRS through the Indlulamithi Barometer and Economic Modelling, respectively.

Social Dialogue and Social Compacting

Indlulamithi has recognised the role it can play in creating and facilitating dialogues that will help to shape policies that will assist South Africa in achieving the most desirable scenario. In this regard Indlulamithi has formed a strategic partnership with GIBS to undertake the social compacting and dialogue pillar.